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Well, Hello again.

Much has happened in my life, but (as per usual) can be summed in a few points.

I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I was going to Disneyland for my sixteenth. Well, now I’m back. Granted, the actual time spent in Disneyland was only three days and I could’ve blogged anytime after that when I was staying at my brother’s house, but there’s only so much time you can spend on a computer when you’re with family you get to see approximately once a year. Especially brothers.

Overall, the trip can be summed up as awesome. Disneyland/California Adventure was fun. We did two days in the former and one day in the latter. But as much fun as it was, I felt slightly let down. When you go there as a child, you see princes, princesses, cartoon characters from your favorite movie, etc. But when you get older, all you see is a person in a costume. It sucks a little, because then it (Disneyland) is reduced to what feels like a galvanized amusement park. That being said, it was still fantastic. As was spending time with ma famille.

So, from what my teeny-tiny memory can recall, I never mentioned the fact that my sixteenth birthday party, complete with a dark chocolate cake that had “221B” written in yellow icing on it, was kick-ass. I got a cellphone from my parents, and its now hard to imagine life without it.

Well that didn’t make me sound like a brainless teenager at all (note the sarcasm.)

But since I mentioned “Sherlock”, I now realize that I’ve never  “Sherlock” before (extensively, that is.) My parents don’t understand my Sherlock obsession (probably a good thing), but they (especially my mum) are absolutely lovely about it. As a surprise, they ordered me a deerstalker off the internet. The next time I took the city bus to school, I wore it and was determined not to take it off until I got into class. I got some pretty weird looks from people, but while I was sitting and waiting for the city bus, one of the school buses passed me by, and the driver did a double take, patted his head, and gave me two thumbs up. It made the whole thing worth it.

The list of people who do understand it, though, extends to my friends and many of thousands onboard the S.S. Tumblr-Sherlockian Fandom (which reminds me, if you want to find me on there (Tumblr), my URL is mycakeandsherloaf. Enjoy yourself :D). If you’d like to hop on board, the cost of the ticket is nothing. Simply your soul and the more-than-occasional bout of flailing with delight will do.

Anyways, I got back from California a few days ago. Well, more than a few, now that I think about it, but I’ve done so little it feels like less. The first day back at work was semi-hell, and the second day was fantastic. All the same, I’m always on the lookout for a more favourable job.

Last night, I pulled the first all-nighter I ever pulled with no-one else there. Sleep finally came at around six-thirty AM, and left three and a half hours later, when I had to get up and go about my day. Surprisingly, it’s almost nine thirty at night, and I’m still going strong.

As always, a huge thank-you to my faithful few who stick around despite my erratic posting. Though there may long, drawn out dry spells, I shall never forget to blog at least once in a while. *blows kiss*

All my love, Jessi.


Today Is The Day…

… Jessica finally gets off her lazy ass and adds one more post to her blog. Yayy!!!

So this post is kinda going to fall into the stuff-that’s-happened-in-my-life / observations-that-I-made category. Just a heads up.

Lets being with the former category.

So I’m not sure if I mentioned it in earlier posts, but July 13-15 I was supposed to go to a Writers Convention with my friend Mia in Port Townsend (supposed to, as in we didn’t due to the fact that we signed up too late and got put on a waiting list, but would not have found this out had Mia not emailed the director guy of the convention. So basically if she hadn’t asked we would’ve showed up and got turned away. Lovely. Anyways.). However, at few days before this I was at work and noticed I had been scheduled to work on one of those days, despite booking it off, so I talked to my manager of that shift. She said that I could either trade the shift, or not show up at all, as they didn’t really need me that week. I chose the latter.

So guess what happened Saturday?

My parents get an angry phone call from said managers (I was at Mia’s grandparents house.  We ended up making other arrangements, and her grandparents said that she and a few friends could stay in the spare house on their property for the night, which was super fun.) asking why I wasn’t at work. I get informed of this the following day when I call my parents, asking them to come pick me up. Dad told me Mom talked to them, so I called her. Her extreme sympathy combined with only four hours of sleep and the first day of my period cause me to burst into tears, and the rest of the day I was literally nauseous with stress.

So the very next day I stop by work feeling a bit better, but now with my knees shaking as I’m talking to my manager, and what do I get from her?

“Oh, I’m so sorry, this is completely my fault, it’s not anything you did.”

It’s like my mental self had gone berserk. Outer Me was calm, saying to her “No, no, really, its fine. Everyone makes mistakes.” Inner Me was hulking-out, barging through walls, screaming at the top of my lungs, and cursing profusely.

Now, please please understand, I’m not angry with her for being angry with me. I’m angry at myself for being so stressed out that I felt like I was going to puke. I’m slightly OCD in the sense that I like to be in control of my emotions, particularly my negative one’s. And when I’m not in control, I get even more upset and stressed out. But usually I can talk myself out of it. Usually I can say, “Its fine, everything’s fine, the worst possible scenario is not actually that bad, etc.” But in this case, I couldn’t. And then finding out that there was not one minute, itsy-bitsy little reason for experiencing the worst case of stress that I’ve ever felt drove me up the fucking wall.

Anyways, dear readers, if you ever hear about a suicide in the papers, you know that its possible something worse than the above has occurred.

And that’s not even the worst that can occur. *cue keyboard-head-smash*

Now on to the latter category.

You’re probably going to think I’m really weird. And I completely agree. But on with the story.

About a week ago, I was staying over at a friend’s house (Mia’s, incidentally) and she took me with her to a weekly rehearsal of a play that she’s in. While we were sitting on the couch and talking, waiting for it to begin, a couple of girls involved in the play (one was a stagehand, the other an actor) came up and introduced themselves to me. That was my first shock. First of all, both of them were exactly the same age as me, and its rare for any of us (I sadly include myself) to be forward and polite enough to do this, and secondly, they obviously belonged to the teenage sub-pop culture. You know, the one’s that wear short-shorts and the Grecian-style sandals, and listen to all the latest music, and have about two brain cells (I’m not making a judgement call, I’m just basing this statement off of the people like that that I’ve encountered). And I, on the other hand, do not. It was a bit more obvious that day, too, as I was the only chick in the room (besides my friend) who was wearing shorts longer than my butt (to my knee, actually) and what I like to call my “adventure sandals”. They’re ugly, but extremely comfortable.

My second shock came when one of the two actually shook my hand. I like shaking hands as a way of meeting people, but most adults I meet don’t initiate the hand-shaking, never mind teenagers.

I would insert the “Some Faith In Humanity Has Been Restored!” picture, but my computer hates me.

Anyways, I’m going to conclude possibly my longest post ever by saying that I’m glad I’m finally concluding possibly my longest post ever, and now I’m going to go watch the latest episode of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube, and I’ll talk to you uber-cool-cats and chikitas later.

Bye for now!

Love, Jess.


^ Simply because I couldn’t come up with a suitable title.

So whats going on in my life? Glad you asked.

I had to extended the time I requested off for Disneyland, so that I’d have a couple of days to do family stuff with Justin and J (J is Jeremy, just so you guys know. We all call him J. Don’t know why, considering that all of our names begin with “J”). Wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I have a good track record with the manager who was surpervising today, so she was nice about it. However, us staff have a meeting on Monday because apparently our DQ restraunt got a bad evaluation. Apparently  the main reason being that some of the girls were standing around talking.

I mean, really.

If we’re talking its because we have nothing to do. Would you rather we just stand there with our arms crossed in front of us, like bouncers? *Valley girl voice* What-everrrr.

Buuuut, I did meet this other chick who works there, Rameesh, and apparently she loves hooking her friends up, so when I said I was single, there was this evil gleam in her eye.

Quite literally a gleam. Maybe it was the overhead lights, but I seriously doubt it.

So now I fear for my perfectly happy (and 100% single) existence.

In other news…. Well, there really isn’t other news. So I’m gonna go to bed now.

-Love Jess.

It Is Final.

I’m going to Disneyland!


I just called my sister, and she said that Mum talked to Dad about it, and he okayed it, so they’re going to tell me tonight, which is when I get to put my non-existent acting skills into play and pretend that I knew nothing all along.

But in other news, I’ll no longer have to participate in anything academic for another two months. And I’m sick.

I always seem to get sick at exam time. I remember taking the Math 9 provincial last year and being sick. Now this year I got to take the Science 10 provincial and be sick. Lovely.

Ack. Gotta go. Ciao!

-Love Jess

Possibly the most Embarassing Set of Parents.

I went all mushy on my mum today, and said, “Have I ever told you how much I love you? There are so many times when a person could go wrong and become something completely different, in life, and I see all these mothers out there who sleep around, are social-climbers, or just don’t care, and I’m extremely grateful that I didn’t end up with one of them, but instead got you.” (I know, I know. I sound like a suck up, so feel free to roll your eyes, but I did mean every word of it) And then, she starts singing some song from back in her day, the seventies, and then my dad bursts from my bathroom in a blaze of underwear glory, holding my Tripe XL mascara in one hand, and they both end up doing some warbly-duet thing in the kitchen whilst my mom makes tomato soup.

Naturally the good-looking guy from the next apartment over is sitting on his porch and we have all the doors and windows open.

Yeah. Anyone got a cliff that I could jump off of?

But I love them.

Most of the time.

Anyhoo, gotta go eat my soup and ice cream now.

Much love!


Annnndddd….. I’m back.

I know. Two posts in one day. Astounding. Especially for me, as I can rotate between posting once a day, for about a week, or not at all for a couple of months. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post more once my exams and whatnot are officially over, and summer actually begins.

So. The news you have all been waiting for. I got the time off work! And with no hassle or having to confront my managers either! “How did this come about?” you may ask (You may have also noticed by now, my truly appreciated followers, that I will constantly be putting words in your mouths). Well, I was talking one of the girls working the same shift as me, Ashley, and found out that she (who has less seniority than me) was able to book ten days off, roughly around the same time that I wanted to, without any hassle. So I figured, “Hey, why bother asking? I mean, what difference is it going to make if they’re just going to say yes?” Also, another girl who works there, Taylor, has a bit more seniority than me, and also booked numerous days off during the same month. So Disneyland, here I most likely come! (I say most likely because Mom (who has said yes) still has to talk to Dad about it, but as she is magical and can get him to agree to almost anything, it’s almost a for-certain that I can go.)

The days are from July 28th to August 4th. I say this because I may not be posting during that time period. I’ll be off having fun 😀

I’m hoping that I’ll still be able to do the birthday-camping trip thing with my friends. If not, I’ll feel like a dick, but I think Disneyland can more than make up for that. (Manda, if you’re reading this, know that I still love you.) Even if it can’t be overnight, then just for the day…

Whoops. Thinking out loud again.

Well, typing out loud. But someone still knows it anyways.

Wow, I’m tired. Ignore my ramblings, please.

Also, for those of you who recently started (and not so recently started, too) following me, know that you made my day when I signed onto here for the first time in a month. Or two. I lost track. Anyhoo, you all contribute to making my lazy ass sit down in front of le computer (<– probably not the French word for computer) and blogging, as opposed to me being a tranche de merde (that one was French. Means “slice of shit”) and not posting for months.

But alas, I must depart. Until next time, ye delightful followers.

Love, Jess.

I Hate My Job.

Let me just that. I hate it.

I don’t care how excited my blog, two pots ago, sounded. I fucking hate it. Granted, it probably will get easier, but every time I set foot in that place to work, I want to vomit.

And because of that, the smell of fast food makes me want to vomit. “Why vomit?” you may ask. Well, it’s because every time I get scared out of my mind, my stomach muscles clench so tightly that it feels like all the food in there is about to get regurgitated.

 Thats why. But I aslo can’t quit because I need the money. Well, I can’t quit at least until I turn sixteen. Then there are more job options. So thats what I keep telling myself. “Just till I’m sixteen, just till I’m sixteen, just till I’m sixteen, etc.” And also, “this too shall pass, this too shall pass, etc”

See, when I look at my panic in retrosepect, I think “Whats the issue? Its not actually a big deal. There are other jobs and you’re still new here.” But at the time, essentially what is running through my mind is “HUMANITIES SURVIVAL HANGS IN THE BALANCE!” not the calm, “carry-on” attitude that I embrace later, when the panic is over.

And to top it all off, my sister wants to go to Disneyland with herself, her husband, Staci and David (their kids), and moi. Then, afterwards, visit my brother down in Dixon, California. So I want to go with them more than anything. I mean, a chance to see my brother and go to Disneyland, minus my parents is fantastic. But first, I have to ask for time off work.

From my managers.

At my job.

Who seem to hate me.

*jumps off cliff*

I’ll keep you updated as to the progress (or lack thereof), because I have to leave now, to go to work.

Wish me luck.

Love, Jess.

Blargh: A Short Story

So, once again, its been forever since I’ve blogged.

But here I am! And with a story, to boot. Not about me though. This is just a rather strange round-robin and my friends (Kaitlyn and Manda) and myself wrote during Social Studies in school, and the last couple of paragraphs take a bit of a JohnLock turn, so be warned. But just so you know, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, JohnLock is John and Sherlock slash. And John and Sherlock from the BBC  T.V. show “Sherlock” (which I highly recommend you watch) not the books. Even though the characters are based off the books.

Anyways. Ahem. Let us begin. Parts that begin with J:, are written by me. Parts that begin with A:, are by Manda, and K: are Kaitlyn.

Blargh: A Short Story

A:Once upon a time, a Blargh went to the grocery store to buy milk

He bought milk.

And as he walked out of the store a wild ice cream truck hit him and he died in a sea of milk and ice cream

J: As the remains of the Blargh’s dairy-ified body melted away into the sunshine, he shouted out one last word,

“Blarrgghhhh!” And then he died.

K: Meanwhile in Canada…

There was a hedgehog named Pancake.

A: And a beaver named Waffle,

J: And a moose named Poutine,

A: And a frog named Cheese.

K: They were all great friends, and on this particular day, they were enjoying tea.

J: Their tea set was floral, and they were smoking erasers and dropping the ashes into an ash-tray stolen from Buckingham Palace

Suddenly, a wild Sherlock appeared, gazing over the back of the couch that the four friends were seated on, while Pancake, Waffle, Poutine, and Cheese remained blissfully unaware.

A: “What wonderful tea this is!” Waffle exclaimed.

“Yes! Quite extravagant tea!” Pancake said in reply.

“I must thank my grandmother, Poutine, for it. It was a wonderful hanukkah gift,” Poutine said between sips of tea.

Sherlock spied on them, mouth drooling in want of the delicious tea he could smell. Close by, he heard his companion John snuffling.

J: “Shall we jump them?” Sherlock whispered with a dangerous gleam in his eye.

Suddenly Mycroft appeared behind them, “Why don’t you two just jump each other already?”

Sherlock and John glanced at each other, then leapt together and engaged in a tickel war most epic.

Mycroft smirked, shot Pancake, Waffles, Poutine and Cheese: stole their cake and tea, and then slithered out of the window, Grinch-style.

The End.

Hope that wasn’t too cracky for you.

Because that’s us on a daily basis. Crack, Sherlock and immaturity.

Though, if you joined Tumblr and started following members of the Sherlockian fandom, you’d find that they’re all exactly the same.

But, that’s all for today. Enjoy yourselves, and I hope that you’re having a better summer than we West Coast Canadians are. Its pouring with rain.

Alright. Go ahead. Get it out of your system and laugh at me for saying in one of my previous blogs, “…despite what you may think, it doesn’t always rain here in Canada. We do actually get heat and sun once in a while.”

Well, once in a while turned into once every three weeks, because for a while there, I slept with only my sheet. Now, I sleep with my duvet. And wear jeans. And boots. And heavy winter coats. Even for someone like myself who prefers cold, it’s getting to be a bit much.


And, folks, that’s all for today. Well, probably for the next month. As that seems to be the ongoing update period.

OOH! I just remembered its Thursday!

(For me this is good)


Love, Jess.

We Interrupt this Broadcast for an Important Annoucement…


That’s all.

But its pretty exciting all the same. Slightly disappointing (to which you who know me (Manda) may think “WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT HAVING A JOB WHEN YOU ALWAYS COMPLAIN ABOUT NEVER HAVING MONEY AND WANTING A JOB??!!!”) <–To which I reply, “Because I wanted a couple of months of lazy before working.”

But if now is the time, then clearly there is a reason behind it. And besides, at least now I’ll have something to do during my summer vacation… (in my head I just added “damnit”) Why may I say this, you ask? Well, it’s because I like being a hermit and doing nothing for days on end during the summer. Well, at any given time, really.

Why am I complaining? Shut up Jessica, and be thankful.

At least I’ll have my own personal air-conditioner to come home to after work 😀 My dad decided to be amazing and put one air-conditioner in my parents bedroom, and get me my own. Although honestly, I think its only fair. Until about four or five months ago (well, you might already know the following bit if you’ve read my other posts) we lived on the first floor, and had only one air-conditioner. But, we just moved up to the third floor, and now the summer heat is starting to kick in (yes, it actually does get hot in British Columbia, despite what you may think about Canada. Thank God I don’t have to live somewhere like California or Texas though. I LIKE the cold, and we have it most of the year, so it’s not a bad compromise.) so Dad said he would get me my own air-conditioner. And he is one of those rare people who, despite all his other bad qualities, actually keeps his word unless there is some unavoidable situation that prevented him from doing so.

Needless to say, it should be a kick-ass summer. I’ll have money, and be able to do things by myself, and will be turning sixteen, so I then I can start testing for my drivers license. OH! And, for my birthday, some friends and I should be going camping over-night at a lake near to where I live.

ITS GOING TO BE TOTALLY AWESOME! (Thats from the “Very Potter Musical” in case you didn’t know. I’m not a Valley Girl who says “like” or “totally” every other word. I swear. I’m very brunette. Although on certain days it is theorized that I’m actually blond. You know, tripping over my own feet, acting stupidly…those sorts of things. Anyways.)

This was awesome day. This was an awesome month. Actually, so far its been an awesome year. Ish. I don’t suppose one year could be better than the other unless the previous year had been especially suckish.

But in its own way, its been a great year. Kinda of like my coming-of-age year. A lot of stuff has happened that, at least I think, has cause me to grow up significantly. I mean, besides getting to the age of actually being able to do stuff for myself and physically growing up. Just… thinking for myself more, that’s all.

Anyways. Supposed to be a fluffy blog. Getting to deep. These are the sorts of things reserved for my journal.

Toodle-oo, and I hope you have a nice start to your summer! (unless you’re in a part of the world that doesn’t get their summer until the later part of the year… In that case, happy winter?)

Love Jess.

So I was just wondering…

… does spending ridiculous amounts of time on Tumblr looking at Sherlock things and going on Omegle only to write a round robin Sherlock fic with someone else AND wasting time that needs to be spent on homework only to make minature Sherlock posters to put on my wall go beyond qualifying as a Sherlockian and go into the land of no return, aka, obsession?

I hope not, because that’s just my friends and I on a normal day.

Yes, friends, I drag your name through the mud along with me.

And for a few moments I will abandon my Sherlockianess and indulge in sounding like a child…




Sometimes you just have to let your inner immature roam free.